SBK: Race 2 DONINGTON - 07 September 2008

If in Contest 1 water came down, Contest 2 it is opened with the vision of a river over black asphalt of Donington Park.

Protagonists Ryuichi Kiyonari and its Honda CBR1000RR that they conquer the third Victoria ages them. For the Japanese one wonderful guide on the bathed one, style “rain man” Vermeulen in MotoGP. The centauro of house Hannspree Ten Kate it comments therefore its Victoria:

"It has been the hardest contest, I have made a pair of errors because I was pushing a lot. At the beginnig of the contest, the track too much was bathed and the things were indeed difficult but the motion went very well. In last the ten turns I have tried to increase the rhythm because Cal was being always approached more".

2° to the goal the British one Cal Crutchlow that it precedes the bruised one Troy Corser. The Australian door to house 3° a place but also 6 falls in the week end English. Record in negative.

Ugly slide in the end for the world-wide leader of and the winning one of Contest 1, Troy Bayliss. Fortunately no consequence… if not to its Ducati 1098. Negative performance also for Noriyuki Haga, than it is looked at to wave the black flag in order not to have carried out laughs-through to marks them of the direction. The likeable Japanese had taken the endorsement technical during Contest 1.

6° place for Max Biaggi, preceded from an optimal one Michel Fabrizio. Author this last one of an other ugly incident in Contest 1. Like for Bayliss, also for the Italian no physical consequence. They close the Italians with  Lanzi 11° and Roberto Rolfo 13°.

More and more in summit Troy Bayliss, than door its advantage on the pursuer Corser to 101 points. More and more near throne and crown for the house lion Ducati. For the words written in Contest 1, the writing of Motomondiale ITALY it cannot it are some that content.

SBK: Race 1 DONINGTON - 07 September 2008

Rain on the circuit of Donington Park. Suspended contest in order very two times; before for the oil in track the cause breach of Yamaha YZF-R1 of the Japanese Noriyuki Haga and in the second occasion for guilt of the “water fleet” that came down from the sky.

Win Troy Bayliss with one fantastic contest. The Australian champion will declare subsequently:

"I come to Donington from 1998 and are much content to have won finally. All the weekend e' be positive, we have had variable conditions much but we have been fast is on the dry ground is on the bathed one. All the time I have held of eye the wall in order to see the sum of the times, I would have pleased myself also of according to place but I had not never won here, therefore I wanted just this Victoria".

For Motomondiale ITALY it represents one of the true pilots, champions in the spirit and the passion for the two wheels. A born man in order to run and to breathe the verà sportività. Troy wants to always give the maximum in track….and outside… with inconiabile professionality and dedication he tells always how much to us is beautiful to go to us… to the maximum. Grande Bayliss, immense Ducati.

According to on podio the wild card English Tom Sykes in saddleback to Suzuki GSX-R1000, that he precedes the Spanish Ruben Xaus. This last one but will come disqualified from the commissioners, second cause exposure of the red flag. Sure episode not clearly and of still less positive for Team Sterilgarda managed they give Marco Borciani. It ends on podio ours Max Biaggi, that it will declare to the microphones:

“I was in the box and I was myself levando the skin coveralls, preparing to me to return to mine motorhome, when the marshal they have come to call saying to me to make in a hurry, that I was behind schedule. “In order to go where” I have asked they, “on the podio” have answered to me…”

The corsaro after this surprise it will receive some other less appreciate. To donate it he is the companion Xaus, forced to come down “literally” from 3° the step of the podio. Animated argument between the two centauri. Incolpevole Max from all the points of view. 

Between the “victims” of slippery asphalt of Contest 1 to signal for withdrawal: Kiyonari, Carlos Checa, Max Neukirchner and one ill-fated Troy Corser.

MotoGP: the "TOP10" in sight of Indianapolis

With only 5 contests still to dispute and in sight of Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, Motomondiale ITALY it watches and it analyzes classifies it puts into effect them of the class Queen. TOP10 it sees in summit the doctor, Valentino Rossi, ready in order to return newly on the throne. Untiring “cannibal” of battles and wars. For -75 it aims the Australian puts into effect them champion of the world Casey Stoner, cyborg incredible in saddleback to wonderful a red spirit like Ducati Desmosedici GP8. 3° the house Spanish Repsol Honda Dani Pedrosa. Camomillo hermit and without grinta in trench. Difficult for he a number 1 on the cupolino. Of tutt'altra nature the brace that follows it: the connazionale Jorge Lorenzo and ours Abundant Andrea Dovizioso. Talents infinites to their first season in MotoGP. Optimal confirmation for house Rizla Suzuki from part of Chris Vermeulen, rain man and not only. Ditto for Colin Edwards that in Yamaha Tech 3 beautiful confidence has found one. Texano from the heavy gas. Good satisfactions also for Shinya Nakano and Loris Capirossi. Us one would want also Victoria in order to close the season in beauty. Incompiuto the pianoforte to two wheels of English James Toseland. Champion indiscusso in SBK, GP has found one the much hardest one of the previewed one. We instead knew it and they knew the former companions to it Bayliss and Haga.

In evidence according to Motomondiale ITALY

Relationship interrupted between Repsol Honda of Dani Pedrosa and Michelin. The Spanish after the negative feeling and confidence (second he) does not pass to the other side, that one of avails again Bridgestone. The French house will continue however to supply the other 50% of Official Honda house, Nicky Hayden. At least until fine season

Extremely sad the lack (on Italy 1 to comment the MotoGP) of a man, a fan, a professional, a “not tifoso one”, a true TV newscaster of motion like Luigi Vignando, ineguagliabile voice of SBK. Ditto for their you respect colleagues and companions to you of adventure behind the microphone. The reason? It would be only a copy/glue of tens of post passes to you. Who follows Motomondiale ITALY it knows every word well.

“Not at all pleasant” behavior second Motomondiale ITALY that one had gives Valentino Rossi to the “closed park” while it emphasized number 1 on its cappellino for six times and the six victories. In bottom the 50 points have lost them Stoner and it does not earn to you Red. Bah we remember po of the attitudes and behaviors held with Max Biaggi and Gibernau Sete….in primis. “Small voice against the law of the real mathematics and realizes in favor of sport and full heart of respect”. Sure it is also true that the cappellino was of Bridgestone… goodness knows. That beautiful immense demonstrated humility gives Nicky Hayden in 2006… from the same one Casey Stoner the following year….or still from the eternal one Troy Bayliss or the coriaceo James Toseland in SBK. Fortunately… also from many other champions. This is heart and passion independently from the colors of the nation.

Sad, censurabile, nearly embarrassing, the exultation of the public “in yellow” to the fall of Stoner! Passion, the sportività, the honor of the crews to the vincitori, but also to the won ones, is things that evidently sure persons do not know! It can “be tifare” for a pilot, one motoristica house or one nation, without gioire of the disavventure of the adversaries! (style soccer in Italy) The scene, absolutely impietosa, sight today, fa' to think next to the spot “appeal to to you to gain easy”, while i true lovers of this sport they would have to be enjoyed to the 100% show that these two great actors are in a position to giving from the first turn until the flag  to chess! The mediatico phenomenon Valentino Rossi, beyond exporting “the motorcycle italianità all over the world”, it has, unfortunately, carried with if emeriti stupid that they do not have the minimal respect of the adversary! Honor to Rossi, to its experience, its indiscusse ability, its to know to put the adversaries under pressure… honor to Stoner that, to the face of who guide spoke alone about “Ducati that”, demonstrates, also mistaking, than in order to before all try to be is forced to push, to fight against physics, to carry if same and its Desmosedici to the limit and beyond…. risking a lot… falling!

If the seen subjects today to esultare on the background of one Stoner defeated but to applaud comunuque they are “gets passionate you to it” of MotoGP, we prefer the public festante by far, always and however, and variopinto of SBK! Motomondiale ITALY from “made in Italy” and “true lover” of this sport, today….sincerely shame!

Appointment for the 14 september for the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix.

MotoGP: Contest MISANO - 31 August 2008

Incredible Stoner...but this time term turned in negative. After to have dominated the 3 sessions of FP, the pole, the warm up and for reached with big separations, the Australian slips while he covered seventh returned of the GP Cinzano di San Marino and of the Coast of Rimini. Casey and its Ducati Desmosedici GP8 makes "bis" the equal one in all and for all Brno. Valentino Rossi in solitary wins, gains Fiat Yamaha that to 2°posto the public square the companion of team Jorge Lorenzo. The Spanish seems to be returned "Adorns Fuera" that we have known in class 250 and seen to the beginning of they puts into effect world-wide. For the Italian instead the doors of the throne, the sixth in the class Queen are opened. The doctor door to 75 the competitive edges and sun 5 contests to dispute by now seems an utopy to overwhelm the lagoon for Ducati house. The Victoria of Misano marks also a new record for the pesarese, that is that one of the 68 victories stopped from the historian Giacomo Agostini. Insomma a Sunday not to forget as it emphasizes the same pilot to the "park closed" during the interview of Paolo Beltramo. 3° appreciate of podio for the pilot of the Alice the Team Elias Toni. Behind of he the Repsol Honda guided from Dani Pedrosa. (the Hayden companion, its Honda neanche had ignited it. Number 69 detention for the problem to the leg made up for during the "X Games" of Los Angeles. The American keeps itself tightened the stage of Indianapolis... will see). Chris Vermeulen, 5° to the goal, confirmation its costanza in performances and turns out to you, preceding in flown the Yamaha Tech 3 of James Toseland and the other Rizla of our Loris Capirossi. They follow Andrea Dovizioso and Marco Melandri. Antony West and John Hopkins close the doors of Misano. Perhaps the Japanese greens are found again in 13a and 14a position..., without attenuating.

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