Everything begins thus: "Start your engine" ... a kind of "To my way unleash hell " drawn from the famous film "Gladiator". Pilots and motorcycles respond by giving voice to a frightening herd of horses under the chassis. Begin the tour reconnaissance. Not rain, but wet track despite the mega fon Americans.

First round start gun for Dovizioso, exceeds Hayden, Stoner and put behind the whole trup. They found two Michelin front of everyone, our Andrea and Kentucky Kid. Behind Stoner, Rossi, Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Spies terminating the quintet.

21 laps to go: Nicky Hayden passes in front at the bottom of the first curve, while behind Spies over Pedrosa.

23 laps to go: Rossi is Bonds Honda of Andrea Dovizioso will exceed exchange position .... damage spectacle.

21 laps to go: Hayden with glued to codon Rossi gives a derapata incredible. Entertainment authentic. Rossi incalza Hayden without truce. Behind Lorenzo on Dovizioso.

19 laps to go: fast lap Hayden lighting a beautiful red helmet to his Repsol Honda.

17 laps to go: still fast lap for Hayden. Rossi 7 tenths.

16 laps to go: changes music, fast lap for Rossi who returns to 2 tenths.

15 laps to go: Hayden heels that goes off, Rossi approaches and surpasses it. The doctor in command with a Fiat Yamaha aggressive and well set. Bridgestone beginning to rise in the chair.

14 laps to go: Rossi in a round port on the saddle as travel companion 1 second advantage. Progression of Italian deadly.

13 laps to go: The list sounds so "Rossi, Hayden, Lorenzo, Stoner (7 seconds from the summit), Dovizioso, Spies, Guintoli, Vermeulen and Pedrosa.

11 laps to go: the rain back to find the asphalt of Indy. Before then slightly more insistent. Peggiora the situation and visibility. Dovizioso recovers the fourth position against the current world champion Stoner. The ausraliano is found in fight with Ben Spies and his beautiful Rizla Suzuki.

10 laps to go: derapate board for Rossi, but to play the joker of the day. Unless and still in the saddle.

9 laps to go: the advantage of Rossi on Hayden rises to nearly 3 seconds.

8 laps to go: Hayden runs over 2 seconds slower over Rossi. Lorenzo leads to less than half the second dall'americano. They spend only a few curves and begins a beautiful duel. Hayden finished with rubber struggle with Spanish. Increase rain and. ..

7 laps to go: ... red flag. Track impractical. All in the box. The direction meets and controls the situation. Exit the safety car. All await, but the images speak for themselves; trees bent by a strong wind and spectators "accucciati" for shelter from the storm. Rossi and Stoner talk in the paddock, Paolo Beltrano approaches and ripping a few words to Pesaro that confirms the danger of the situation. They spend a few minutes and direction declares: "race finished." Vince Rossi in front of Hayden and fellow teammate Jorge Lorenzo.

The Italian leads to 87 points advantage over direct opponent Casey Stoner (today only 4 °) and with only 4 races from disputare feels smell throne. Excellent 5 ° place for Andrea Dovizioso riding his Honda JiR Team Scot before Ben Spies. No good Capirossi 16 °, worse Melandri (but we are accustomed) last.